Advice & Consulting

Seeking Market Leading IT Consulting?

Advice and Consulting

At Lions Park Computers, our focus is assisting Calgary’s small, medium and corporate businesses get the most out of their IT systems.

Our team of professionals will eliminate the burden of employing full time IT employees while obtaining the best advice and expertise in today’s technology market. Some of our clients outsource a small portion or all of their IT support to us, but they all benefit from:

  • Business Grade IT Support
  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Expert Technology Advice
  • Centralised Documentation
  • Broad Business Knowledge
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Professional Trackable System

How do you know if your company is ready to outsource?

Please consider the following factors when evaluating the need to outsource:

  • Financially it is cheaper to have IT functions outsourced than to have a full time employee/s
  • IT has become a function that wastes valuable time of non IT staff within your business
  • The skills required are so specialised that it is impractical to have non IT employee/s responsible for this role
  • Some IT staff fall behind in technological advances and are not able to advise or deliver appropriately
  • Many businesses end up wasting large sums of money on consultancy advice to cover skill shortages of their internal IT department
  • Some companies core business functions are suffering due to unreliable and/or underperforming IT systems

If any of the above factors describe the driving force behind the consideration to outsource then a confidential discussion with one of our friendly consultants is highly recommended.

If you would like to see how we can assist your business please do not hesitate to contact us at (403) 235-6992 or email us at  We are proudly based in Calgary Alberta Canada, and we support clients across Canada.

This service is only available to commercial customers.