About Us

Lions Park Computers is a full-service network administration company whose goal is to help our clients
become more successful and profitable by managing their IT assets efficiently and proactively.

Clients of LPC have access to all our services including an extensive, integrated help desk system, our full
suite of ISP services, security updates, inventory controls, project management, web-based document
gateway and a comprehensive Systems Audit which is unique to the industry.

Our philosophy revolves around anticipating and addressing IT issues in our clients’ systems before they
become costly problems. We believe this highly proactive approach to network and systems administration
differentiates us from the competition and saves our clients downtime and money.


Our Experience
Lions Park Computers has an extensive knowledge base and experience working with all sizes of networks
in both the Unix and Windows environments. We have been serving our consulting and internet clients in
the Calgary area for over 12 years. Our clients increase their profitability by leveraging our knowledge of
their IT investment.